Breathing Art

One Act, Global Effect

Art With A Committed Soul

Breathing Art is a platform generating synergies between the cultural scene and the environmental movement, focussing on global issues needing global attention. Art is the soul of human nature and nature is in our soul.  Involving culture in the values of animal rights and environmental preservation we want to make a change from the root of our human nature towards a better society with all living beings sharing this planet we love.

It's Happening
Formentera in White by Blue Bubble World

Posidonia in White

Local and international designers joining forces to create amazing designs inspired by the posidonia. They will show their creations during the Festival Save Posidonia. Design, fashion, and ecology together around Save Posidonia Project, to save the posidonia in Formentera.

Formentera Art Experience

Formentera Art Experience

Reconnecting with our human conscience through art inspired by the crystal clear waters of Formentera. Festival Save Posidonia join together artist from around the world to raise awareness for sustainability and environmental protection.


Formentera Sunset Sound

Music inspired by the unique sunset of Formentera, the last paradise of the Mediterranean. A musical event that will line up international artists that will be the voice for the posidonia.

Making Changes VO by Blue Bubble World

Formentera Making Changes VO

The latest movies on environmental and social issues screened during the Festival Save Posidonia in Formentera.  From the best producers to you, inspiring and making a difference.

Already Happened
SoulmadeBCN I by Blue Bubble World

MAY 17th 2015

SoulmadeBCN I by Blue Bubble World

NOVEMBER 15th 2015

SouldmadeBCN by BlueBubble World

DECEMBER 18th 2016

SoulmadeBCN is a day dedicated to the artists and their creations, a day to share with professionals in the sector, art lovers, those who want to acquire something original, with those who seek new trends, with other artists, ultimately with restless people wanting to discover a world with soul. SoulmadeBCN supports the work of several environmental organizations like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, FAADA, SOS Galgos and Ocean Sentry among many others.