One Act, Global Effect

Our present is your future

Transforming ideas into living experiences to make real worlds in balance with our values towards a sustainable future. We develop actions with a cristal clear and direct message to achieve specific targets with a global impact.

Building a better present to promote a better future.

Blue Imprints

Generating societies with values that out together economic, cultural and social development around values of sustainability and protection of the environment. The right path towards a better quality of life for all of us who share this amazing planet.

Changing society, living with them

Animal Movement

An action platform to defend and promote animal rights. We make global actions. From the big picture defending natural ecosystems and fauna worldwide to the closer view of integrating pet in our society towards normalisation.

Technology at work for a better world

Sounds of Silence

An action platform to promote the use of new technologies in sustainable socio-economic models based on sustainable energy sources. We act locally and globally promoting a better present for a better future.

Creating cultural synergies towards environmental awareness

Breathing Art

Generating synergies between the cultural scene and environmental issues needing global attention. Involving culture in the values of animal rights and environmental preservation. towards a better society.

Sports passion and eco conscience together

Breathing Blue

Joining together sport community and environmental responsibility to benefit society by promoting healthy lifestyle in balance with a sustainable future. Different passions towards a common aim.

Gathering voices to spread ideas

Blue Round Table

Sitting together non-profit organisations, public and private entities, leaders and individuals to address global issues from diverse sensibilities. From environmental issues to sustainability solutions, the debates will look for a real change and a positive impact.

An alternative way of traveling changing the focus

Alter Trails

A different way of traveling without the limits of the available choices and focusing the environmental and social points on destination.  Partnering with new actors on the sector we can provide a new perspective that will change the standards. The impact is always positive with the communities and the environment and we go further to create a future.

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