Breathing Inspiration

Our oxygen is the vital component to create our worlds. We breath from art, innovation, environment, water and science. Every world we create has some kind of oxygen to thrive and generate real impact.

What We Breath


Our water oxygen comes from surfers, kayakers, windsurfers, kitesurfer, swimmers, apneists, divers, sailors and other disciplines with a hard link with water. Earth is almost 71% water, we are water, our inspiration comes from water.


Our culture oxygen comes from graffiti artists , painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, artisans, models, actors and other disciplines with a hard link with culture. As Gandhi once said:  “A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”


Our innovation oxygen comes from entrepreneurs, visionaries, leaders, young talents, gurus and many other with a hard link with innovation. We believe in a balanced future where innovation will take us to the next step, in harmony as a whole.


Our nature oxygen comes from naturalists, ecologist, activists, writers, policy makers, environmental leaders and many other sectors with a hard link with nature. Because nature is in our roots and it is the centerpiece of each of our worlds.


Our science oxygen comes from biologist, marine scientists, environmental non-profits, universities, zoologist and many other sectors with a hard link with science.

Our Oxygen

Do you want to become oxygen for our worlds? Drop us a line and tell us about you!